Simple Linux Access Control

The simple solution for managing user authentication across multiple Linux based systems both in the cloud and on premise. Support for both Online and Offline modes. REST based API


Project Goals

    • User Add/Delete
    • Password Update
    • Account Roles
    • Allowed Devices/Servers
    • JSON Based Data Sets
  • Support Account Expiration
  • Limit Service Device Access
    • Ability to limit which servers an account can log in to
  • Group/Role Assignment
  • Simple Agent Software On Server
    • All that should be need to add SLAC support to a Linux server is a simple agent software and a one or two line config file
  • Authentication should work both Online and Offline
    • If a server loses internet the last known user accounts should still be valid for a user defined window.

Why not just use LDAP?

LDAP or Light Weight Directory Access Protocol has been around for a long time, and if you have ever had to set it up it can be a major pain in the butt. The aim of this project is to provide a very simple drop in package that can leverage both a public or private cloud (data centers) for easy deployment of new and old Linux servers. If you have every managed 100's of Linux server configure LDAP is a time sink, I just want to drop the agent in add a few lines to a config file and boom! Access control leveraging a existing user base is done it can DIP via the public cloud or a private cloud I can setup and manage.