My name is Jordan Morris. I’m a programmer, speaker and Martial Artist. I’m the platform Architect for Crosswind Cloud Solutions. This site and its ramblings and opinions are my own. I blog about technology, code, martial arts,wellness and self cultivation.


I have a Masters in information security. I was an independent software developer and inventor for many years. I developed the only still supported hospitality PBX interface for Samsung OfficeServ PBX. I also developed a distributed cloud hosted PBX platform that would eventual become part of the Crosswind Cloud Solutions offerings. I’ve giving talks on building AI driven packet analyzers, as well as talks on the importance of input validation within software applications.  When I’m not creating or thinking out how I can help my customers solve problems, you will most likely find me in the Dojo most week nights. I’ve spent 25+ years in the martial arts from TKD (6 years), Tracy’s Kenpo (13 years), and now AKKA Kenpo (6+ Years) currently hold a 2nd degree in AKKA and teaching 5 days a week. Been doing BJJ for about 4 years now and really enjoy it.. I’m an avid hiker and like to disconnect from technology going on long hikes. I find hiking to be one of the most refreshing ways to put your thinking cap on and code/problem solve without a PC in front of you.