LOL My Blogging 2019

Well looks like I did not blog to much in 2019 like I had hopped. Its one of my goals I did not make. I did reach a few of my larger goals however. I'm thinking about my 2020 goals both large and small not sure how many of those will be related to this site. Most of my goals like 2019 are less about tech/career development and more on getting closer to my health and fitness and overall mental health. 2019 was defiantly a year where I hit some of those goals but fell short on a few of the one's I thought I could reach. Biggest one I reached was getting my Black Belt under AKKA doing a 3 day test in New Mexico which was an awesome experience.  While physically i'm in a better spot then I was when I started 2019, I did not reach the weight loss goals and objectives I set for 2019. I'm looking back at the data, yes I said data I collected over 2019 to see where I can improve on my nutrition and work outs. MY current short term goal for the first 3 month of the year our to dial in my nutrition and start getting consistant with my pre-work working out which is mainly just hitting the park before the sun comes up to just get some light cardio and steps in.

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